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Market Entry & Economic Development
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Pegasus Partners helps SMEs with their site selection and their entry into new markets and develops long-term growth strategies for economic development organizations.


Successful market entry across the Atlantic

We offer companies expanding either from Europe to North America or from North America to Europe a comprehensive set of services. We support our clients from collecting market data through selecting the best location all the way to first production runs.

Once a decision on the plant or office location is reached we help find the right partner for human resources, construction, insurance and logistics. Often our network even enables us to make initial contacts in the target industry, which our clients then turn into customer relationships.

With Pegasus Partners on your side you have an in-house team of market entry experts that ensure your expansion will be a full-blown success.

Economic Development Agencies & Regions

Strategies that create long term jobs

Our experience gained from successfully locating European companies in North America has helped us acquire a greater understanding of the key aspects of a community’s economic development profile which positively impact the continued growth of a locating company and result in the incremental addition of quality jobs.

When a community is considering a strategy to attract long-term foreign direct investment, we offer an innovative approach to locating foreign companies able to create well-paid, quality jobs in step with their corporate growth.

We work in partnership with our clients to help identify which industries have the best opportunity to succeed in their community and should therefore be targeted as prospective Foreign Direct Investment. We then help prepare and hone the message the community will use in approaching those FDI prospects.

Subsequently, we leverage our extensive network of European contacts and build lasting business relationships between our client community and European counterparts hosting clusters of the previously identified target industries.

Our many years of success in market entry and economic development has enabled us to build an incredibly strong and reliable network on both sides of the Atlantic. It is this network that I look forward to sharing with you.


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