Transatlantic Advisory & Investment
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Pegasus Partners Group advises middle market businesses on mergers and acquisitions, supports their market entries and builds economic development strategies.

Investment Banking

Mergers, acquisitions and financing across the Atlantic

Our clients are highly specialized world market leaders in their respective niche. They are often convinced that entering another market by way of an acquisition is the fastest and most efficient way to gain significant market share quickly.

We offer them the entire suite of investment banking services from target definition all the way to transaction financing. With our many decades of experience, outstanding reputation in the market and extensive network in the financial industry, we are able to serve our clients with customized financing solutions.

Via our broker dealer, we arrange financing and open avenues for financial institutions to invest in middle market companies.

Market Entry

Successful market entry across the Atlantic

We offer companies expanding either from Europe to North America or from North America to Europe a comprehensive set of services. We support our clients from collecting market data through selecting the best location all the way to first production runs.

Once a decision on the plant or office location is reached we help find the right partner for human resources, construction, insurance and logistics. Often our network even enables us to make initial contacts in the target industry, which our clients then turn into customer relationships.

With Pegasus Partners on your side you have an in-house team of market entry experts that ensure your expansion will be a full-blown success.

Economic Development

Strategies that create long term jobs

Our experience gained from successfully locating European companies in North America has helped us acquire a greater understanding of the key aspects of a community’s economic development profile which positively impact the continued growth of a locating company and result in the incremental addition of quality jobs.

When a community is considering a strategy to attract long-term foreign direct investment, we offer an innovative approach to locating foreign companies able to create well-paid, quality jobs in step with their corporate growth.

We work in partnership with our clients to help identify which industries have the best opportunity to succeed in their community and should therefore be targeted as prospective Foreign Direct Investment. We then help prepare and hone the message the community will use in approaching those FDI prospects.

Subsequently, we leverage our extensive network of European contacts and build lasting business relationships between our client community and European counterparts hosting clusters of the previously identified target industries.

Our many years of success in financing, market entry and economic development have enabled us to build an incredibly strong and reliable network on both sides of the Atlantic. It is this network that we look forward to sharing with you.


Benedikt Ibing - Managing Partner

Started Pegasus Partners over a decade ago after a career in international derivative trading and focuses on acquisitions, automotive and interim management.

Andreas Heine - Managing Partner

Andreas brings an extensive investment banking background that focused on transatlantic equity transactions. He represents the German SME association in the US and advises European companies in their expansion to the United States.

Jean St. Amour - Partner

Jean's extensive career in manufacturing automation brings our clients sustainably profitable, fully integrated production solutions. His experience in architectural glass and automotive applications provides a wide breadth of automation expertise.

John Butler - Partner

Engages in regional economic development strategy, site selection as well as acquisitions and applies his experience in international economic development for the State of Tennessee.

Hudson Cashdan - Partner

Hudson Cashdan built a career as an equity analyst and hedge fund manager. At Pegasus Partners, he focuses on capital raising and financing on the debt and equity sides. From New York, Hudson holds many of our relationships to financial institutions and covers emerging industries as well as new technologies.

Dr. Eike Jordan - Partner

Focuses on strategy, site selection and board roles after incubating and advising hundreds of European SMEs in over four decades in Atlanta.

Steve Markham - Partner

After having built successful subsidiaries with over 1000 employees for German 3PL companies, Steve focuses on the logistics and automotive industries and handles strategy implementation and acquisitions.

Aleksandr Rubin - Partner

Aleksandr Rubin brings over 20 years of experience in investment banking, private equity, investment management, and consulting covering a broad range of industries including telecom, media, technology, finance, and industrials. He has built a reputation in corporate finance requirements of closely held, middle-market private companies. Aleksandr also serves on several boards of directors.

Jorge Sorokin - Partner

With the experience of over sixty global turn around and interim management mandates, Jorge offers senior C-level competence to our clients’ subsidiaries all across the Americas.

Janet Wiebach - Partner

Focused on business development for the West Coast, Janet brings an international background in market entry strategy and project management.

Phillip Preysing - Partner

Philipp brings two decades of management experience in global sales roles, ESG and business process. Having lived in the Middle East and Africa for years, he worked for SMEs primarily in the fields of renewable energy machine building. Philipp is part of our Germany based team and resides in Berlin.

Manfred Meyering - Partner

Manfred is a veteran of the automotive industry. After having built plants for German OEMs in Asia and the US, he focused on C-Level interim management assignments, turnarounds and M&A work. Manfred is based in Braunschweig, Germany.

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